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Device Electronics was founded in 1978 as a distributor and agent for active and passive components. Customers’ satisfaction is demonstrated through our team of highly competent sales and technical support, dedicated to building and maintaining a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.

We are a preferred distribution partner for Panduit Enterprise Network Solutions and Products and aim to provide you with reliable and high quality products for your connectivity needs.

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Since 1955, Panduit’s culture of curiosity and passion for problem solving have enabled more meaningful connections between companies’ business goals and their marketplace success. Panduit creates leading-edge physical, electrical, and network infrastructure solutions for enterprise-wide environments, from the data center to the telecom room, from the desktop to the plant floor. Headquartered in Tinley Park, IL, USA and operating in 112 global locations, Panduit’s proven reputation for quality and technology leadership, coupled with a robust partner ecosystem, help support, sustain, and empower business growth in a connected world.
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Teledyne Relays is the world’s innovation leader in manufacturing ultraminiature hermetically sealed switching products, with more than 50 years heritage in military programs. The comprehensive product line meets wide-ranging requirements for the defence and aerospace markets, covering frequencies from 10MHz to 40GHz, and signal integrity up to 40Gbps. Teledyne Relays also offer high-performance solutions for industrial, professional, commercial, medical and custom switching applications.
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